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Announcing Big Horn Valve's Magnetic Ball Valve Technology

General Overview: 
“StemLess” magnetic ball valve technology is an advanced improvement on conventional ball valve technology.  The “MagBall” valve, by Big Horn Valve, combines the proven ball and ball seal technology with new (patent pending) magnetic “StemLess” valve actuation.  

These valve technology advances provide the end user with the following capabilities:

  • Magnetic actuation systems:
  • Provides uniform levitation valve actuation…Smooth even low turning torque.
  • Fail Safe magnetic interlock- no valve stem breakage
  • Improved safety.
  • 1/4Qtr. on/off actuation standard- Standard ball valve…User friendly.
  • Standard ball is encased in a 360° rotational cartridge- even seal pressure…Longer seal life.
  •  “StemLess” valve technology:
  • Assures “Zero” fugitive emission discharge for the life of the valve…Safety and inspection improvements.
  • Low turning torque at higher pressures…Allows smaller (less costly) actuators and positioners.
  • Eliminates conventional valve stem “sniffing” inspection requirements… Less costs
  • Standard Ball valve components:
  • MagBall balls are modified standard balls with wide material and trims available… User friendly
  • MagBall seals are standard ball valve seals… User friendly.
  • Standard ANSI flange to flange dimensions for all sizes.
  • Standard 150lb or 300lb flanges…User friendly.
  • Standard ball valve flow capacity (standard or full port) capabilities…eliminates flow changes
  • Standard ¼ turn actuation for all MagBall valves- user friendly.



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