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Big Horn Valve announces the releases 2” and 3” MagBall valves for end user confirmation field trials

Installations of the new the MagBall™ will commence this July of the first “StemLess” magnetically actuated ball valve. The valves are ANSI class 150 stainless steel valves. The valve is called the MagBall™. First  installations are planned for a major waste disposal installation in the Western US that handles a broad range of toxic and dangerous fluids. Additional confirmation installations will take place in the balance of 2010. 

emission free - no leak valve

The MagBall™ Stemless Valve features:

  • StemLess design that is 100%  emission free.
  • The MagBall™ is a ball valve with all the user friendly features.  Standard ¼ turn; Standard ball valve seals to your specifications; full ball valve flow
  • The magnetic drive or actuation is easy turning (no valve stem torque to overcome), firm and positive.
  • The MagBall™ eliminates stem packing/mechanical seals and all the associated maintenance





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