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4th Qtr. 2010- 1st Qtr. 2011 April 30, 2011 Newsletter

In March, a Phase III proposal was submitted to NASA / Johnson Space Center for a High Pressure (5000 psi.) helium valve for use in space vehicles (as opposed to launch vehicles). This project is a follow-up to our successful Phase II project with JSC that led to the development of the MagBall™ valve design.

We were notified in Early April that this proposal had been accepted and that work will begin on May 5. We are excited about this project because high-pressure helium is used at all of the NASA centers. A leak-free valve would find many uses throughout the various centers, and could attract additional NASA funding through the NRA (NASA Research Announcement) program.

2.2 High-Pressure, High Torque MagBall™ Valve
A new patent was filed for on January 22, 2011 to cover new features in the MagBall™ design that have been presented to Shell and TNO. This design contains the features that an end-user would want for use in oil and gas production services. Besides being contained in a body that can withstand 2500 psi., the valve will be able to transmit torque values that are much higher than in any previous magnetically driven valve.




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