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NASA / JSC Award - New Product - Patent Protection

NASA / JSC Award --

NASA / JSC did accepted a proposal from BHVI to continue development of a cryogenic High Pressure helium valve. This project brings us much closer to a flight ready valve that has the potential to offer great weight reduction on in-space vehicles.
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NASA High-Pressure Helium Valve

NASA has asked BigHorn Valve to tailor a prototype valve design for their newest space vehicle, the Morpheus II. We will be incorporating flow-control features along with shut-off features into this design.

Product Development - NASA High-Pressure Helium Valve -

This new valve has the potential to eliminate hundreds of pounds of weight that was previously required to handle the helium. It is important to note that could open up significant commerical opportunities because private aerospace companies have the same issues to deal with as NASA does. All liquid fueled rockets require helium to push the fuel and oxidants out of their respective tanks and into the engines for thrust. Every 100 pound reduction in weight equals a savings of at least $1,000,000 in getting the vehicle into space. That is the incentive for reducing weight.

Intellectual Property Update

Two additional patents were filed for during the first quarter of 2012. These patents were filed to protect innovations that occurred in 2011. There will certainly be more applications filed in 2012, as we are on the verge of a number of new breakthroughs.

Patent Protection:

Two new patents were filed in January of 2012. These patents protect the use of planetary gear reduction between the magnetic cartridge and the valve itself. This greatly reduces the size of the magnetic cartridge required to open and close our stemless valves.

For the first time ever, magnetically driven, stemless valves will be able to provide actuation torques equal to or greater than the torques provided by traditional valve stems. This will lead to greater acceptance of these valves in industry as it has always been a concern among end-users whether magnetically driven valves are capable of operating under high torque conditions.




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