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New “Inherently Leak Free” Valve Technology for the Oil & Gas Industry Sheridan Wyoming: Nov. 12, 2015: Big Horn Valve, Inc.’s announces: “Inherently Leak Free” valves promises to be a WIN-WIN for both the regulators & the oil and gas industry. The technology breaks away from traditional stem packings for the control of emissions. This new technology encapsulates the stem of any given valve within a leak-free chamber, that is magnetically actuated, renders expensive stem bellows and/or high tech stem packings obsolete. Bellows and stem leakage is, of course, expensive for energy producers while at the same time it threatens the environment. This is a win-win for both concerns has happened: In September of 2015, Big Horn Valve’s “inherently leak free” gate valves were certified by an independent testing laboratory in Maine as passing two of the most stringent tests for oil and gas valves. The first of test: Was the API (American Petroleum Institute) 624 protocol. This test subjects the valve to three thermal cycles up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit, while at the same time actuating the valve hundreds of times. The second test: Was the API (API 6FA) which mimics the conditions of a refinery fire. The valve is subject to a direct flame up to temperatures near 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. . The Big Horn Valve “inherently leak free” gate valve passed this test in September--operating flawlessly without any leakage whatsoever. The WIN-WIN of the Big Horn Valve “inherently leak free” magnetic actuated valve technology is an attractive alternate to all current available technologies. Big Horn Valve, Inc. was incorporated in Sheridan, Wyoming in 1997 to develop alternative valve designs for the oil and gas industry as well as aerospace applications.

The face of new valve technology.

Big Horn Valve announces leak proof valves into field trials in selected sites in the US. New advancements in valve design allow for extended production life of the valve as well as greatly reduced requirements in valve stem torque. (By reducing valve stem torque the expense and size of actuators can be significantly reduced.)

The Chemical and Petroleum Refining Industries will be the first to experience the advanced features and benefits of this new valve including:

  • No dynamic seals to the outside environment
  • Minimal torque on valve stem: equalized pressure fluids both side of the stem lip seal.
  • Anticipated extended life cycle due to minimal valve stem friction.


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